Saturday, July 4, 2009

Felony prosecutor represents best friend in pursuing false charges against brother-in-law.

First of this legal in Lake County Indiana? I spoke with some non-corrupt attorneys and they tell me that at the very is unethical. Or perhaps this really is "no big deal" as Lake County Indiana felony deputy prosecutor Aleksandra "Sasha" Desancic-Dimitrijevic told the honorable Judge Sheila M Moss that one and only semi-faithful day in Judge Moss's courtroom. Oh...remind me to tell you what "Sasha's" boss Robert Persin had to'll be thoroughly entertained. these false charges, don't get me wrong they were indeed great tales but false charges nonetheless, kept spewing out of the Munster Indiana Police Department despite my very honest and consistent claims and even indisputable evidence of innocence. "Tell it to the judge" was the response I would often receive from cohorts of Aleksandra Desancic-Dimitrijevic and Nick (Nikola) Panich, whose involvment in this scandal I was completely unaware of (as was my attorney) until leaked out by some Lake County government center employees working inside the honorable Sheila Moss's office...and this was several years into this mess. Aparantly honor amond thieves does exist in Lake County Indiana politics...but only for a few It appears at least some Lake County folks grew tired of concealing Desancic-Dimitrijevic et al's back courtroom secrets. Oh better believe the honorable judge Sheila M Moss was none to not for the reasons you'd expect from an honorable judge. Heads rolled...more on that later also. the you guys figuring out the "ich" connection Well...hang in there...there are many many more "ich"s to come. There's even some "otes"s for those of you who enjoy a little eastern European flavor in your Like say...Munster Police Department chief Nick Pan"ich"...who like "Sasha" and other "ich"s and "otes"s succesfully concealed their involevement for several years. I know...I know just want this all to go you bawled via the desperate phone call you placed to my attorney...yes sweetheart...she told me...I'm pretty sure that was an illegal phone call wasn't it? Let's just compromise on this one for now and say it was unethical...sound cool with you "Sash"? I wonder if I'm going to get those threating phone calls I got last time this scandal came to light. Now, I'm not saying you had anything to do with those calls Sasha, Nick and gang, but IF you did, please be extra careful this I'm much better equipped.